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Here are 6 Gift Tips Graduation Beautiful and Interesting from Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its beautiful nature, diverse cultures, and earth-rich soil. But not only the beautiful nature, but the women of Indonesia itself also has a unique beauty and certainly not owned by other countries. Without the need to follow the style of western or other countries, Indonesian women can still steal the show by appearing like a real Indonesian woman. As will BP-Guide describe this time, you can follow it to look stunningly beautiful Indonesian-style women.
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Indonesia is more charming with its distinctive features

Indonesia is one of the developing countries rich in tradition and culture. Starting from the many choices of tourist destinations and often a destination for foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature. Then the culinary tastes of a delicious, diverse music, to fashion that is now beginning to be recognized by the world.

You also know there are so many tribes in Indonesia, spread from the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Papua, and other islands that have their own physical and cultural characteristics. Differences owned by Indonesian citizens from Sabang to Merauke also helped increase Indonesia's wealth. Not infrequently many Indonesian women who are called exotic thanks to the appearance and color of the skin. This proves that the people of Indonesia have a unique physical attraction.

Like What Is Beautiful Indonesia?

Most Indonesian women feel less satisfied with the skin color it has. This is added by the number of beauty product ads that make the skin white as a beautiful skin definition. In fact, Indonesian women are born with skin tones that tend to be dark, so this makes him feel less confident.

You do not need to worry about it because apparently the skin color of Indonesian women who tend to dark is regarded as an exotic skin color in parts of America and Europe. Many western women are jealous of Indonesian women's skin, even so want the skin color that looks exotic, the women in the western part to have to bother doing tanning to get the desired skin color.

Not only about the color of the skin, apparently the Indonesian woman's face is also easy to make Western men fall in love when looking at him. With unseen facial bones, a nose resembling a cashew and a cute face make a lot of Indonesian women look unique. Indonesian female body posture is also quite small makes it look more young.

Not to mention the Indonesian culture that makes us so friendly, makes us easy to smile for anyone. Surely this gives more value for the beauty of Indonesian women in the eyes of others.

Avoid Obsession To Make White Skin, Your Skin Color Is Already Beautiful

You must believe that every race on earth has its own advantages which make it look unique to each other. No exception to the Indonesian race that apparently even considered to have dark skin.

Exotic skins are owned by people of various colors ranging from yellow tones to brown brown color. Indonesian women with yellow skin will be more flexible when choosing the color of makeup and clothing.

While Indonesians with well-known brown tan have a sweet face. For those of you who have kind of tan skin need to be grateful with the color of this exotic skin. Because your color is more resistant to sunlight. It is suitable not with the tropical Indonesia!

Beautiful Tips Ala Indonesia
Choose a Base Makeup that Matches the Skin Color

Makeup has now become a necessity for women in everyday life. Using makeup is able to cover the deficiencies on a person's face so as to make the appearance look more fresh and perfect.

Makeup is a lot of it, one of the most important types of makeup for you to know is the base makeup or foundation that is used the earliest before you apply any other makeup. Base makeup is useful for those of you who have problems with uneven skin color, black spots, acne, or acne scars.

Not only that the benefits of the use of base makeup can also help shrink the pores of the face, moisturize the skin, and can absorb the oil so your face does not look oily.

The important thing you need to consider when choosing the base makeup, that is to adjust to your skin type. Generally there are four types of base makeup on the market that is matte base makeup for oily skin types, hydrating makeup base for dry skin types, makeup base with shimmer content to look radiant, and colored make up base that is used to correct your skin color .

If you have determined the type of base makeup you want to use, it is time to know your skin color, to choose the right base makeup color. Here's a list of some color options.

    If you have warm or yellow skin color to the light then choose shades light beige, nude beige
    If you have warm or yellow skin color to dark then choose shades sand beige, deep beige, or warma beige
    If you have warm or yellow skin color in the middle direction then choose shades natural beige, golden, or yellow beige
    If you have a pink skin color to the bright select shades light. light ivory, or nude pink
    If you have a pink skin color choose a shades nude pink or ivory
    If you have skin color or pink to dark then choose shades deep ivory or shades suntan

Customize with Color Clothing

When choosing a clothing, do not just adjust to the style or personality, but also select the color that fits on your skin. For example, you who have a tan color, do not choose the color of clothes that are too bright, this can cause a dull impression on the skin.

Actually everyone is fine to use any type of clothing including adding other clothing accessories such as scarves, hats, bracelets, or other. But again it is important to consider the color that should match the color of your skin. The following can be your guide to choosing the right clothing colors based on the type of skin color.
Dark skin color, should choose a color that contrasts with the color of your skin. The best colors you can choose for example pink, white, khaki, baby blue, and avoid dark colors like black, dark coeklat, turquoise, magenta, and dark chocolate.

White color, generally can wear any clothing color because it has a bright skin color, but should choose a soft or pastel colors. The colors are right for you to choose such as white, bright blue, beige, blue, and brown. While the colors that you should avoid to wear the red, orange, yellow, and purple.

Saw tan color. This skin color we encounter a lot in Indonesia. Should use clothes white, black, gray, red heart, light brown, peach, or pink.

Bark yellow is different from white color. This skin color is widely owned by Indonesian women. You will look good if you wear dark red, dark brown or black outfits.

Exotic skin (young brown), suitable to wear clothes with striking colors such as white, yellow, light green, light blue, light pink, red or purple. The use of such bright colors can make you have a different impression in the eyes of others

Pair with the Right Accessories

Use of accessories is useful to complement your appearance so it looks more attractive than it also makes a person feel more comfortable with his appearance. Some people who care about fashion will certainly consider a lot of accessories to be worn. Because instead of looking cool, it could be that the choice of an improper accessory could ruin your view.

Match jewelry as an accessory for example. In order not to overdo it, you do not have to wear a set of jewelry that you have. If your necklace is already crowded with a style, then choose a ring or earrings with a simple detail to balance it. Or when you wear a bracelet then combine it with a ring.

The selection of good jewelry accessories should also be tailored to the face shape, skin color or haircut you have. The owner of a small face with long hair, can choose hairstyles puffed up and wear small earrings that look sweeter.

Then for your skinned brown should choose a bracelet with a darker color because it will make you look sporty and remain classy. Wearing a brightly colored bracelet actually makes you look dull.

Adjust to Body Shape

Shown beautiful and perfect does not mean to always follow the development of fashion and menjajalnya, instead of looking beautiful you can even look strange. Should select clothes that fit your body shape, color, age, and style then the perfect appearance is not mere nonsense. The choice of clothing based on body shape, basically divided into six parts.

Pear shape has a large thigh, hip, and buttocks compared to the rest of the body. Other characteristics that have a small chest size and shoulders are not wide. The selection of good clothes for pear body shape is by wearing a bustling clothing top and brightly colored so that the bottom is sidetracked with a slender upper body. You can also wear a large collar, big sleeves, or a boss's shirt with lots of detail on the arm or shoulder. The use of horizontal motifs can also help balance your appearance. Tops of V or U collars, cowl, boat, subordinate high waist, A-line cut dress, and skirt is perfect to complement the pear body shape appearance. Should avoid using tight pants, trousers that widen the bottom, or fishtail model skirt.

The inverted triangle shape has broad shoulders compared to the waist so the body looks stronger like the athlete and barely visible indentations on the body. To disguise the large and wide shoulders, wear a cleaner top shirt with no detail detail. In addition, the selection of soft colors for the boss can remove attention on the shoulder line. Then choose subordinate skinny jeans, A-Line dresses, and pencil skirts. Should avoid clothes square necklines, crop tops, and straight-cut clothes so as not to damage your appearance.

The rectangular body has a chest and hip portion of the same size, lacking an indistinct curve and waistline. To get around this body shape, choose a clothing model that can create the illusion of body indentations. You can wear a long coat with geometric detail that can be combined with a belt so that the body looks more contained and sexy. Or wear clothes with subordinates above the knee. Do not choose clothes with bustling detail and avoid wearing baggy baggy pants.

The body shape of the hourglass may well include the much-desired body shape of many women. This body shape has the same shoulder, chest, hip but small waist. Apply tops with an open neck so as to highlight beautiful shoulders. Wearing boot cut pants, wide-pants pants can reduce the volume of the bottom of a large. Should avoid wearing a straight dress and a large jacket model.

The apple's body shape has a large waist. The waist size is wider than the size of the hip and chest. you should have an apple body to choose clothing with an empire dress model. Choose clothes that can create the illusion of curves and can also use a belt to work around it. Other clothing options are shirts with a v-line or wide neck circumference shape and subordinate intersecting straight Should avoid wearing clothes with a lot of detail at the waist because it even adds the impression of a bigger waist.

A large body shape has a large body size with no clear curves. In the selection of clothing focus to make the body look tall and slim. Should use a dress with a vertical stripe motif, regular model skirt cut, or low rise pants without detail. Avoid clothes that have a lot of detail because it gives the impression of the body look bigger. Also avoid clothes with subordinates that are too long to make you look shorter.

Do not Forget Beauty Treatment with Natural Material from Your Own Country

Makeup is already a necessity for women. But taking care of skin beauty is obligatory to do. Because makeup is only able to cover the deficiencies on your face. Currently many women who complain about facial skin looks dull, acne, or other skin problems. These things can occur due to stress, the use of cosmetics carelessly, or unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

Treatment in salon that takes a lot of money is often chosen by modern women. And now you can do your own treatment at home with natural ingredients that remain beautiful naturally.

Using orange peel. Who would have thought that the usually removed orange peel contains vitamin C more than the meat? Antioxidants and vitamin C in oranges play a role to repair damage to the skin because free radicals also eliminate dull on the face. How to use that is by drying orange peel in the sun to dry, puree until it becomes powder. To use it, add water and stir until it becomes a paste. Apply on face for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Using papaya. Rich in vitamins A, C and E and can be an antioxidant that is able to moisturize and nourish your skin. To use it as a natural care mask, how to clean the papaya first and then cut into several parts. Puree papaya and apply on face as a mask. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week.

Using rice. Rice contains ferulic acid and allantonin that can protect the skin from damage and can brighten. Use rice washing sludge as a mask to deal with dull skin. The trick is to mix four tablespoons of rice in cold water in a container and shake until the water is white. Dip the cotton in the rice water and apply on the face. Let stand for 15-30 minutes then rinsed water and dry.

Using brown sugar. You can process brown sugar into a scrub to remove dead skin cells on the face. Using brown sugar for scrubs can also shrink the skin pores. The trick is to grab a quarter of brown sugar from half a spoon of brown sugar. Sliced ​​thinly to a coarse powder and mixed with two tablespoons of pure honey. Apply on your face while doing gentle massage.

Use the salt of the kitchen. If you have a cracked or dry skin problem, treatment with salt may be the solution. Use as a scrub, the way is to take 2-3 tablespoons of salt and mixed with warm water. You can add olive oil to moist skin. Rub on the skin.

Using coconut oil. In addition to moisturizing, coconut oil can remove dead skin cells, strengthens skin tissue, also protects the skin from UV rays. The trick is to apply coconut oil on the face that has been cleaned. Perform massage slowly to absorb into the skin tissue. Wait 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Banggalah Become A Woman Indonesia

We must remain proud to inherit the beauty of our ancestors and have diversity in skin color, body shape, face shape, eye and hair color, and other things. Do not hesitate to be yourself and present yourself as it is. No need to affect the western beauty patterns that make you change your body. So proud to be an Indonesian woman.


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