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Graduation gift ideas, what to give to those who have just graduated?

Below you can read some graduation gift ideas for both her and for him: fun, special, but also more conventional proposals. The ideas for graduation gifts are often trivial and in most cases lead to buy a series of objects all the same. At the graduation party, the new graduate finds herself receiving the same gift from many of her guests.

Making an original graduation gift is not easy, since you must know the celebrated or the celebrated, to buy something really incredible. But there are some ideas for a special gift from which you can take inspiration and perhaps get the inspiration to buy the perfect graduation gift .

Below you can find some tips for graduation gifts of every price range : from the important object that may remain in time, to the useful accessory, up to the travels or common gifts that are made to him or her.
Gifts graduation: gift ideas for those who have just graduated

The graduation gift is always a big problem, since you will have to choose something that remains in time and that can also please the new graduate. The ideas must also be compared with the money that is available and with the tastes of the person who has just reached this important milestone.

An important element, to make the perfect graduation present , is also the faculty where it is studied and consequently the trade that one should go to perform. It will be useless to give a future doctor a tie, which instead could be the perfect idea for a lawyer or a political scientist.

Then you can read some gift ideas for the degree divided according to the faculty of membership, so you can have a clear scheme to move. Among the proposals you will find original proposals, but also more usual and less personal objects.
Gift degree in medicine

For a graduate in medicine , it could be a winning idea to give something witty and inherent to the chosen career. Here we propose a sweater for girls, where among the primary functions shown on the chest appears Eating, Sleeping and Emergencies.

Graduation gift in law

If the new doctor has just completed a degree in law or jurisprudence , we recommend a nice gift that is not very demanding that can not fail to appreciate.

It is a cup that gratifies the whole category of lawyers, and even if the graduate is not yet a lawyer, it is certainly an excellent gift idea.

Graduation gift ideas: the classic

The classic and timeless gift for new graduates is the important object that can remain over time. A beautiful object, often more useful than essential, that you always remember to the graduate of the achieved goal.

Among these traditional graduation gifts is the fountain pen : it's all right for him and that's fine for her. It is not among the most personal gifts graduation and perhaps not among the most appreciated, but it is a classic that every graduate must expect.

Graduation gift ideas: the precious

Equally classic and unmissable among graduation gifts for both boys and girls is the precious object, a jewel or something valuable that remains over time. For boys they are recommended as graduation gifts for twins or tie clips , or the more traditional bracelets and the more risky chains .

For girls, graduation gifts ideas in the jewelry department can be trivial but never lose effectiveness: earrings , bracelets , rings and all that is decoration. Following is one of the many gifts for girls graduation gifts demonstrating that with little budget you can make excellent graduation gifts for him and her.

Graduation gift ideas: the original

Surely the original gift is among the most beautiful and stimulating ideas for graduation gifts. To make original graduation gifts, it would be better to know the new graduate to whom you want to give. Tickets go well for one or more concerts, not necessary but valuable objects like a vintage print, an original movie poster, a precious vinyl record, objects for those with a passion for cooking, expensive bottles of wine, up to musical instruments and everything that meets the passion of those who have just graduated. Even clothing.

Original graduation gifts? It can be done in two ways: either by making a gift that is truly original, or by letting the new graduate decide what to buy, so that he will not be mistaken. So the envelopes are well received with the money, even if we offer it in a more modern and less material, with the Amazon gift certificate , the rechargeable card from 20 to 5,000 euros.

Graduation gifts ideas: the technological

Are you looking for ideas for original graduation gifts ? If the advice so far does not convince you, there is a type of gift that is good for everyone. Particularly suitable for those who do sports , so even for those who have just graduated in Motor Sciences , but also for those who appreciate walking, cycling, regardless of the address of studies in which they graduated, is the smartwatch . Useful, for someone more and for someone less, the smartwatch is the technological object that can not miss among graduation gifts 2016.

The smartwatch is an alternative to the classic gifts graduation, the traditional watch that especially for boys is a gift and always welcome. In addition, there are smartwatch for every price range and you can see here our ranking of the best smartwatch 2016 .

Graduation gifts ideas: the journey

Of all the ideas for graduation gifts , one of the best is always the journey . If you also do not know the tastes of the new graduate or do not remember the places you have already seen, two airline tickets for a European destination are always graduation gifts welcomed with joy and not expensive for those who give them.

Even if the destination may not coincide with the tastes of the graduate, it is difficult for travels as graduation gifts to be successful. Two air tickets are also sufficient for the most interesting European locations . If the recent graduate or graduate has a period of pause from the study and not yet work commitments, for those who make graduation gifts should be easy to choose a destination and book two airline tickets on behalf of the party.

With the possibility of low-cost flights will be easy for graduation gifts, but if the recent graduate has many commitments and the budget becomes too high to risk giving away tickets to destinations that do not interest, then it is better to use the travel voucher , rechargeable from 20 to 5,000 euros.


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