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7 Graduation Gift For Girlfriend on Her Wisdom Day in 2018

For the students, graduation day would be one of the most special and eagerly awaited days. Especially if the graduation is your beloved girlfriend, right? Of course you want to prepare a special gift for the special day. If you need inspiration graduation gift for girlfriend, just follow the various tips & tricks from the following.
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Special Special Graduation Rewards

Graduation is one thing that students are looking forward to everywhere. This is a sign that they have completed their education and are entitled to embed a bachelor's degree behind their names. When the graduation is his own girlfriend, then he deserves a special gift from you. A special day should be celebrated with a special gift as well. But remember, something special here means there is a sacrifice you have to make. Sacrifice in the sense that you have to devote focus, time, and energy to get a special gift. Because the essence of a gift is to make the gift recipient feel happy and grateful for your gift.

Gifts given to someone who has a close inner relationship with us can be very diverse, both form and price range. You can choose a gift that has been finished or the results of your own creations, just adjust to your free time and prize budget you have. In addition to sweetening a simple gift, just add a little element of surprise. Could by taking him to his favorite local attractions or maybe ask the help of his friends to make a small surprise party. Enough with a little effort and creativity, surely you can make a graduation way so unforgettable boyfriend!

Unique Graduation Gift Tips for Girlfriend

Graduation Day is a very happy day for all students who live it. A day where you can make parents proud. For those of you whose girlfriends will be graduated should be happy too. The all-adorable, romantic-themed gifts do look fun for your graduated boyfriend, but romantic is not enough, you know!

Think about the benefits of the gift you will give. One option you can consider is a gift that can help prepare to enter the workforce. Another option is a simple but useful gift in the long run and you can enjoy together. Well, if you want to know more about the example of a gift that we recommend, just read the following various recommendations.

Dolls of Graduation and Romantic Flower Bouquet

The two kinds of gifts most often awarded to the graduates of course-a bouquet of flowers and dolls. But make no mistake, often awarded does not mean the market because it all depends neis dolls and flowers that be your choice.

You should first find out what kind of flower your girlfriend likes. If roses, make sure what color roses he likes. Bring him a bunch of flowers that are still fresh and quality so as not to quickly wither. A bunch of flowers does have a variety of meanings, but in the end your gift of flowers should still show care and compassion.

In addition to the bouquet, the doll is also one of the most ideal choice for graduation gifts. The superiority of the doll from the bouquet is will not wither, therefore the doll is almost always a companion gift of a bouquet of flowers. Generally a given doll is a teddy bear that implies a loving nature and a dog puppet that becomes a symbol of allegiance

The first choice is the Wisudaku Gift shop that serves offline purchases as well as online. If you want to make an online purchase, just go to's homepage. For the price, you can get a bouquet of graduation with prices starting from Rp 50.000 and graduation dolls starting from the price of Rp 60.000. Dolls and artificial floral bouquets offered all in a cute shape with guaranteed quality so definitely will not disappoint the buyer,

Alternatively, there is also Prestisa Florist & Gift offering bouquets and graduation dolls with fresh, fresh touches. Starting from a simple garage in mid-2012, Prestisa Florist & Gift is now growing into an online store that sells a variety of cut flowers. On the page you can find a variety of bouquet of flowers sold together with a cute doll with prices ranging from Rp 300,000. The difference from my Kadowisudaku page is that Prestisa provides a fresh bouquet of flowers while Kadowisudaku becomes an artificial flower specialist.


In addition to flowers, chocolate is a gift that has a romantic meaning. Like the sweet taste, chocolate becomes a symbol of love, love, luxury, and passion. Chocolate has also been shown to give a positive influence on the psychological condition of the people who eat it because it affects the level of serotonin hormone thanks to the high content of amino acid typtophan.

About the choice of chocolate for a gift, you should not buy mass-produced chocolate in the supermarket. Choose home industry chocolates that are made in limited quantities and high quality to guarantee the exclusive impression. For the price of ready-made chocolate ranges from Rp30.000 - Rp100.000, while chocolate with a special design between Rp70.000 - Rp400.000. Two of the many reputable chocolate manufacturers with quality products are Tama Chocolate and Chocolate Kitchen. You can immediately see their various products to make a purchase on the page and

Work Clothes Set for Preparation Entering the World of Work

After graduation, the next trip is to find a job. Because of that work clothes gifts will be useful for your boyfriend who just graduated. Special men, work clothes and while conducting interviews should be functional and simple. There are a number of brands of quality workwear makers that are well known in the wider community. In addition, the price only ranges from Rp 80,000 to Rp 600,000. What brands are okay? You can try shirts from Jobb, The Executive and G2000.

Slempang name + title

In addition to the clothes and a toga hat, there is one thing that is suitable worn by the graduates. It is a sling that reads the title of the person concerned. Then what's the difference with the standard wsuda completeness of the campus? Wait a minute, this graduation sash is obviously different because it does not have official title obtained from the campus but the various predicate funny and full of intimacy.

In your preferred graduation sash, you can ask for fun and funny letters such as "The Best Graduates", "Cumlaude", "The Fastest Graduates", or "The Highest GPA". You can also choose a sash bearing a title or a unique designation. Such as "Alumni Singles", "Off Singles", "Mak, I Passed", "Sold to Mr. X".

To be able to get this unique sling you can get it in some places that are specialized in producing objects like this. Two pages that specially produce this unique graduation sling are and No need to worry about the price, because you can get a variety of sling with color and custom writing with prices ranging from Rp 75.000, very affordable, right?

Stuffed Horta Doll

When teddy bears and dogs are too ordinary as a gift, this one doll can be an interesting alternative. This doll is not an ordinary doll. But a doll made as a medium of education to recognize plants from an early age to the children. The shape is generally a funny animal or a miniature man with a body of sawdust and there are certain body parts that are open, then filled with soil and plant seeds that can grow easily.

Although originally intended for educational media for children, the funny form of horta dolls make it also deserve to be a special gift at the graduation ceremony. Moreover you and your sweetheart can enjoy day after day as the seeds of the plants grow from the horta dolls you give. Just like the love and dreams of your growing future, right?

About the price, this handicraft product is clearly very affordable, you can get various forms of horta dolls with prices ranging from Rp 15,000 to Rp 100,000. If you want to see various forms of horta dolls at once make a purchase, you can click the page or

Frame Quote Full of Memories

Who says frames are too common to present gifts? Frames made with other functions than others will certainly be a unique and unforgettable gift. What kind of frame is meant? That is the frame that frames the words of pearl or the motivation of choice so that in addition to beautify the house, the frame has a value as meaningful memorabilia.

You can get various frame quotes with varying materials and sizes on and pages. Almost all of these quote frames receive custom design requests to better ensure the exclusivity of each product. Exclamation, is not it? How about price? One frame quote you can get with prices starting from Rp 49,900 depending on the size and level of complexity of the print quote you asked for.

Unique Candy Bouquet

Problem bouquet graduation gift, it turns out that can be used as a bouquet not only flowers and vegetables but also candy, you know! Candy can be used as a bouquet that will enliven the graduation ceremony, especially if your girlfriend loves to enjoy a sweet snack. The contents also do not always have to be candy but can also be given variations of chocolate or other types of snacks. The price is relatively affordable, very attractive colors and can be enjoyed to spend free time together to create a bouquet of candy so one of the favorite alternative gift at this time.

One of the pioneers of making candy bouquets is Radhika Chocolate in Surabaya. Various flavors of candy and chocolate bouquet can be found on the page with prices ranging from Rp 70,000 to Rp 500,000. In addition you can also order a custom bouquet with the shape and taste of candy that suits your taste, you know! The price is affordable and the product is interesting, is not it?

Prepare Special Greetings for the Special One

The gift for a boyfriend who graduated is important, but the meaning becomes less touch if without a happy congratulation. Sentence of congratulations after graduation is a form of appreciation of you as a close friend. This remark can also be a prayer for him to live the next stage of life: getting a career and a workplace that suits his interests and talents. Do not forget to always encourage him because after the graduation does not mean the struggle of him for the future of the sun is over.

Graduation Prize for a Bright Future

Hopefully the following instructions various tips & tricks can help you find the most special graduation gift for beloved boyfriend, yes! After graduation, you also must remain faithful to accompany him to start entering the world of work and face the real world competition. Finally, whatever your gift choice, give a sincere gift with a prayer for your beloved to always get the best things in life.


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