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10 Choice of Graduation Apparel that Will Make Young Professional Appearance Cool

Neat appearance when going to the office or attending a formal event should be noted. The selection of clothes also should not be wrong. Let's see the option of The Executive's brand clothes suitable for the formal look of the following we recommendations!
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Executive Cloth Make Your Appeal More Okay

The Executive is a clothing brand incorporated in the Delamibrands group. Established in 1984, Executive tries to fulfill the desire or aspiration of the market with international standard quality. Quality is becoming the priority of this brand.

The effort of their hard work is certainly not in vain, proved at this time The Executive developed into one of the fashion brands are in great demand. Currently the clothes of The Executive are distributed in bulk in Indonesia.

In addition to excellent quality, The Executive's designs are also very elegant. As the name implies, The Executive's fashion product is for young office workers and professionals. Wearing clothes from The Executive makes your appearance will be more elegant and classy.

The Excess of The Executive Clothes That Make It Much Tune
Local Dress with International Standard

Seeing the quality and design that is in accordance with international standards, who would have thought that The Executive is a genuine fashion brand Indonesia. Moving in the fashion of men and women, The Executive gets a place in the hearts of fashion lovers.

The company already has 60 stores and more than 100 counters in various department stores. Their stores are spread in Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Tangerang, Medan, Batam, Bali, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pekanbaru and Pontianak. Even been able to penetrate the market in Southeast Asian countries.

The Executive produces a wide range of men's fashion from trousers, knitwear, blazers and so on. As for women's fashion, there are blazers, dresses, skirts and trousers. Although the quality is equivalent to the international standard clothes, The Executive offers a very affordable price for each of their products.

Comfortable Material Used

In choosing clothes, in addition to good design, comfort is a factor that must be considered. The Executive understands the importance of the comfort of a garment, so that the fashion products they create always use soft and comfortable materials. This is what makes the clothes from The Executive into fashion products are highly recommended.

Models and Colors Following Fashion Trends

Not only is the material comfortable, other advantages of the clothes of The Exexcutive is a model and the color is very contemporary. To meet customer satisfaction,

The Executive or better known as Executive 99, trying to become a lifestyle brand that always follow the development of fashion trends in each of their products. So that the office clothes are generally impressed stiff, into a very trendy and fashionable clothing.


Men and shirts are two things that can not be separated. Shirt has become a mandatory clothing that is owned by almost all men on this earth. But do not forget to adjust your shirt with the event or activity to be attended.

For example to the office or other formal events, white shirts Long Sleeves Shirt 910004747001 from The Executive this you can make an option. The long-sleeved shirt of tetoron and rayon material has buttons on the front. Shirt collar and shaped slim fit you can buy on the website of The Executive at Rp 249,000.


Shirts do make men look more neat and authoritative. Formal but not too rigid. Shirts can not only be used for the office only, but also suitable for various other activities because now the shirt has become a trend of style that is in great demand.

Well, Long Sleeves Shirt 910004750001 is perfect for a variety of formal and semi-formal activities. This long gray shirt is made of rayon tetoron, collared and buttoned on the front. Form of regular fit makes you look very naque and authoritative. You can buy it at The Executive website for Rp 249,900.


Long Sleeves Shirt 910004742001 is a long sleeve black shirt and slim fit shaped. It is suitable for formal occasions such as meetings or invitations. Made from tetoron, rayon and collared materials.

Your appearance will look more elegant and macho if this very black shirt combined with white pants, brown belts and shoes with matching colors. It costs around Rp 249,900 on The Executive's official website.


Long Sleeves Shirt 910004745001 is a gray long-sleeved shirt combined with black. The design is minimalist but very elegant with slim fit model.

This shirt is suitable for semiformal events, even for casual events like nge-date with a boyfriend though. You can have this shirt at Rp 249,900 through The Executive website.


Classic touch is felt in the series Long Sleeves Shirt 910004746001. The material is the same as the previous shirts, namely teteron, rayon. This shirt with a price of Rp 29.900 is suitable for you who like to appear vintage style.


Short Sleeves Blouse 950009455001 is a short sleeve blouse and high-collared velvet material is suitable for various events. Shaped regular fit and short sleeves, making this black top looks very classy but relaxed.

For semiformal events, you can combine them with celan kulot and flat shoes to look more casual. This loose top is also perfect for you who are fat. The price is very affordable, only Rp 169,000 only on the website of The Executive.

Office clothes are no longer boring if you wear a short-sleeve blouse with round collar from The Executive. Made from polyester material, with asymetric hemline and chain detail make your appearance wow more.

Top of the form of regular fit and blue for Rp 199.900 is perfect for you who have a complexion of yellow skin. Get this Short Sleeves Blouse 950009304001 directly at The Executive's official store or website.

Short SLeeves Blouse 950009429001 is a white top with ribbon accents on the side. Very elegant but still simple.

Acrylic-based blouse, sleeve pendak and collared round is perfect for you who are petite. Accents on the top will make your body look fuller. The price is Rp 169,900 on The Exexcutive website.

Long Sleeves Sweatshirt 950007362001 is a boss that has a round collar and long sleeves. Suitable for those of you who have large arms. Blouse worth Rp 169,900 is black and made of cotton so it can absorb sweat well. The form is regular fit and tied up hemline. You can get this product on its official website The Executive.

For those of you who are big, this cotton top boss is the right choice. The vertical line motif on the front will make you look slimmer and taller. Blue blouse and long sleeve is suitable combined with a pencil skirt or skirt made of jeans.

High collar and tied up hemline will make you look casual. Long Sleeves Blouse 950009446001 is available on The Executive website for Rp 189,900.

Choose Clothes That Match Size and Body Shape!

Using local production clothing can be a great pride lho! If you want to appear okay when to the office or while attending another event, you can choose the brand The Executive as outfit mainstay. Make sure you choose clothes that the model in accordance with the body shape and size is suitable when worn. Pair also with the appropriate footwear and accessories to make your display more cool and okay. Congratulations to choose!


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